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The Nintendo DSi comes out in a matter of days and I’m sure that, come Christmas, it’s going to be nigh-on impossible to get hold of. So I thought I’d pre-order one now, in preparation for my daughters Christmas present (or sooner if she’s good!).

The two cheapest retailers appear to be Amazon and Dixons, at £145. However, I had an affiliate money off code of £5 for Dixons, making that £140.

So, I sign in to the Dixons website using the details I have stored in my password manager (KeyPass) and add the DSi to my basket. I put in the voucher code and it all works correctly. I now click to checkout and it asks for my password again, for security reasons. I, again, use the password manager to put the password in. It comes up to say the password is invalid. Eh? I try again. The same.

I now use the option to reset the password and set the password to what I had it noted down as. But, again, it won’t accept it.

Is it Firefox? I try IE and get the same results.

That’s fine, I’ll give their customer support a ring and see if I can get it sorted. Except the site has no number for doing such a thing. The nearest I can find is a number to ring for complaints – I try that and find it be a general purpose helpline for the site, which is what I was after. I explain the problem to the chap who answers and he says, “sorry, can’t suggest anything for that”. And that’s it. I explain that unless I can sign in I’m going to have to buy from elsewhere. But he insists there’s nothing he can do, suggesting that maybe I’m typing the password in wrong (yes, I explain how it’s cut & paste from a password manager). “Have you tried setting up your account again?”. At this point I gave up.

It may be £5 more, but I’m now ordering from Amazon.

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Recording video from a Nintendo DS

My daughter asked me last night if there’s a way to record quality video from a Nintendo DS.

After some digging I found that the only way to connect a DS to a video camera properly involves taking the DS apart, soldering and a general high-knowledge of electronics. My hope was that there some sort of GBA cart that would plug in and provide the facility.

However, I did come across the following video on YouTube which is a simple but genius alternative…


This would cover the picture – quality sound that doesn’t pick up your button clicking and nose sniffing can be achieved simply by connecting your DS headphone socket to your PC – you will need to record the video and sound at the same time but from different sources.

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Hear of this rumour!

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a great game. And its title music is superb too – especially the choral singing.

Anyway, it turns out that the singing is Japanese translated into Latin. However, translating roughly back to English it is…

Hear of this rumour!
(He) Alone rushed against enemies.
And saved the fatherland.
Hear of this rumour!
Hear of this rumour!
Hope to all, also to me,
Terror to all, also to me,
That one (is) near to me,
That one (is) near to me,
Who at that time were strong men
And rivals.
Ferociously, struggling and fighting
Splendour growing.

Doesn’t really go with the cuddly Nintendo image 😉

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No, I’m not sliding down a bannister.  Instead, Santa brought me a Wii for Christmas (or rather did a few months ago, before stocks starting running out, and I had it in a cupboard until Tuesday).

Wow, great machine. Immediately bought some Wii points and splashed out on a Virtual Console game (Mario 3, which Laura was struggling to play on her laptop) and the Internet Channel. So, if you’re thinking of getting one, here are some tips that I wish I’d known before…

  •  Super Mario Galaxy is THE game to get. Very, very addictive.
  • I didn’t think I’d need a second Nunchuck, but I was wrong. Lego Star Wars requires one for the second player. Cheapest price is £13.99 from DVD.CO.UK
  • Some of the virtual console games WON’T work with a Wii controller, and require you to buy a classic controller. That will be an extra £15 (, Argos, etc). Depends if old NES and N64 games are your bag though.
  • You can buy Wii points from outlets such as Amazon but you can also buy via the Shop Channel on the Wii. It’s £7 for 1000 points (Internet Channel was 500 points and virtual games are usually 500-1000 points each).
  • The Shop Channel is dog slow unless it’s on certain router channels (1 or 11 I think). I use 6 as I have a Super-G option.

And, thankfully a tip I found beforehand, Nintendo are providing free protective “jackets” for the controller. If you’ve not got one (or how many you need) then they’re recommended.