Life Money

Selling Boxes

Have you seen those news stories where somebody has bought the latest Xbox from eBay for an incredible bargain price and it turned out just to be the box?

I always wondered why anyone would sell a box for legitimate reasons until such a time that I wanted to – I bought my wife a used iPhone earlier in the year and I wanted to put it in a genuine box to, well, present it better. And I turned to eBay and found such a box.

And that got me thinking. I had a cupboard full of Apple product boxes – I could make some money from selling these. I’d love to say it’s going well, but it’s not.

How To Life Money

How to Black Friday

Whether Black Friday, New Years or other, online sales are booming business and can easily suck the innocent consumer into buying things they never wanted in the first place. But, shop well, and you can end up with a genuine bargain.

I’m quite an organised chap and, I think, I’m quite good at negotiating myself around the average online sale. So, consider this my recommendations and general guide on getting the best out of any online opportunity.

Life Money

Book buying bargains

I buy a lot of book – if not for myself, as presents. And I do like a physical book (although I’m not a stranger to Kindle). Equally, I like a bargain.

Here’s how I save money on all of this…

Gaming Life Money

Support Your Local Game Store

And, by this title, I mean the bricks-and-mortar Game stores in the UK.

I used to get all my games from Amazon. However, order a game for delivery on the day of release and you’re reliant on whatever time the postman turns up – worst still, if you use Amazon Prime, they use a courier. When I pre-ordered Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare (with, let’s not forget bonus features on the first day only) it was delivered, by courier, at 8:30pm. I’d been at home all day (not to do with the game, I should add).

Customer Service Life Money

Sainsbury’s doesn’t want my money

After signing up with BT I was sent £50 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers. We rarely shop at them and to be honest I wanted to use them as a treat for myself, rather than simply buying toilet rolls and Fruit and Fibre.

Looking on their website, they sell Google Nexus 7 tablets – something I’ve had my eye on for a while. With £50 off it’s an even better bargain than it was already. Sadly, and like many other “bricks and mortar” retailers, you can’t use their gift cards online. But, they do have a “click and collect” service. Brilliant – I can order it online, have it sent to a shop and part buy it with my cards. Erm, no. They expect you to pay on the site.