Book buying bargains

I buy a lot of book – if not for myself, as presents. And I do like a physical book (although I’m not a stranger to Kindle). Equally, I like a bargain.

Here’s how I save money on all of this…

For Kindle books, there are great services such as BookBub which will highlight daily bargains, in categories that interest you.

For physical books, I tend to buy used. You can get fantastic quality used books and save a lot of money too. Amazon do list used versions of books but I find that going direct to the sellers can often get you the book even cheaper – e.g. A Great Read, Book Depository or World of Books.

I tend to stick to “Like New” or “Very Good” quality used books (certainly the former for comic books).

Equally, if you want a new book (for example, when buying as a present), then bargains can still be had by looking at those third party sites as well. Most sell on Amazon too but we wary of price discrepancies between the two.

For example, I was recently looking for a book and, on Amazon, the cheapest way to get a new copy (in this case, a new one was required) was to buy from a third party – in this case, Book Depository. But, heading directly to their site, it cost more (the same price as the Amazon Prime version). So, I bought from them via Amazon.

So, to instil this into 3 pertinent points…

  1. For Kindle, sign up to services that will alert you to daily bargains
  2. Buy physical books from Amazon as used from third party sellers
  3. Always check the same books on the same third party seller’s sites, as they may be cheaper

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