Yes, I have a middle initial

I suspect few people know that I have a middle initial. Which is probably fair enough as I rarely use it. And like Michael J Fox, it doesn’t actually stand for anything.

So, what is it and why do I use it?

Life Opinion

Mazda 3 – 3 years later

Well, okay, not quite – it’s been 2.5 years. I got my Mazda 3 back in 2017, the latest model of the car.

It promised a lot and, next summer, it will going back to the dealership for the last time – either to be replaced or part-exchanged so that I can go elsewhere. How have the last (nearly) 3 years gone?

Hacks Life

How not to fall for bad statistics

What do bacon and speed cameras have in common?

Professor Jen Rogers, Vice President of the Royal Statistic Society, shows how to cut through the bad statistics represented in the media and by our politicians.

Teaching you phrases such as “correlation is not causation” and “regression to the mean”, this is highly educational and should be a must-watch for everyone. It’s 40 minutes that could make a world of difference to how you see the world.


And, just like that, you’ve contributed to WordPress Core

During my WordCamp Edinburgh talk, I was saying just how easy it can be to contribute to WordPress. Here’s an example of my own from just yesterday.

(cue cloudy dream sequence)

It all started with this Tweet in my timeline…

Health Life

All is normal. It’s only bradycardia.

As an on-going quest to discover more about myself, particularly physical and mental health, I’m going to talk about bradycardia.

Bradycardia is having a heart rate below 60 beats per minute (bpm). As I write this, my heart rate is at 56 bpm. My resting heart rate over the last week was 50 bpm. Now, a rate under 50 is normal whilst sleeping, and mine often is, but not during the day.