Automattic Life

What’s in my bag? 2020 edition

Back in 2017, I revealed, after just a few months working and travelling for Automattic, what I carried with me in my backpack. 4 years on, and many more trips, and that content has changed.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, none of us have done much travelling lately and that may not change for some time. But rather than not post it this year, I thought it was just as important to do so – if nothing else, we all have time to plan and tweak for when we can meet and travel once more.

Gaming How To Life

How to improve the Bluetooth on a Playstation 4 – Part 3

Yeah, I thought I was finished with this too but it turned out that it wasn’t as simple a fix as I thought.

All was fine until later evening when Bluetooth problems would start again – I’ve checked Bluetooth signals in the vicinity – nothing kicks in my side at that time but there’s an awful lot of WiFi and Bluetooth coming from my neighbours.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to hear… I’ve found a fix. Properly this time.

Development Life

The Google Search is strong in this one…

It’s a fact that I can find things on Google where others fail to. Why is this? Well, it’s all related to some software I wrote over 20 years ago and a company award…

Health Life

AirPod Pro? It’s the original AirPod for me

The original iPhone earphones, the EarPods, were, shall we say, not very good. When the AirPods came out, though, their much improved sound quality ensured I bought a pair. And when their batteries finally give up… I’ll be buying the same.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the AirPod Pro, with their noise reduction and even better sound. But they’re not for me.

Health Life

The state of vegetarian food

In the past, I’ve mentioned how, for a number of years, I’ve reduced my meat intake (and was even totally veggie for 3 months). To do this, I’ve made use of meat alternatives, such as those provided by Quorn.

But as the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular, the supermarkets are finally trying to compete with these well known brands. However, the quality of these products are, shall, we say lacking – if it’s not battered, it’s covered in breadcrumbs. There’s a lack of anything that you’d add to other ingredients – it’s all meat-free chicken nuggets and the like (just take a look at the picture above). And, sadly, the quality of the Quorn products has dropped significantly too – seemingly to match.