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Dying for Jekyll & Hyde

I will, once again, be treading the boards shortly, after some time off to change careers. In May I will be performing in Jekyll and Hyde and, arguably not the first time, I'll be dying on stage.

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I will never stop learning

That heading is the first line of the the Automattic Creed and now that it's 2018 it felt a good time to review what I've learnt over the next year, as well as look forward to the coming year.

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WordPress Plugin No Self Pings gets an update

A WordPress plugin, named No Self Pings, has been around since, seemingly, the dawn of time (2006). Indeed, Matt himself added it to the SVN repository.

Since it's release it's only had one update (in 2007) and, more recently, has been plagued with users reporting that it didn't work anymore.

And then, yesterday, this happened…

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One Year at Automattic!

Today marks my one year anniversary working at Automattic and, yes, it's been a hell of a year.

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Two for 2017

Instead of the standard 'year in review' post, I thought I'd so something different and create a list of "twos" for 2017. These can be 2 good things, 2 bad things or a mixture. But just two.

And, yeah, sorry it's taken a while – thinking and writing up all these things has taken some serious time to do.

And in no particular order…

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The books I read in 2017

I'm not a prolific reader but I do like to have a read before settling down to sleep each night. As a result, here are the books that I read last year, in alphabetical order…

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Retailers and the targeting of gender stereotypes

The above is a picture of my 8 year-old daughter taken on the last day of 2017. Please excuse the general mess (including her hair – it was early in the day and she's a stranger to a brush at the best of times).

I took it because it's a stark demonstration on just how far retailers have still got to go when it comes to not targeting gender stereotypes – whether it's actively specifying something is for a girl or boy (when there's no need to) or use of pink and blue to separate the sexes (it's amazing that retailers/manufacturers think this is an acceptable way of doing it without mentioning the individual sexes).

Let's go through everything…

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To celebrate Christmas and our amazing remote working policy, some of my fellow Automatticians have put together this video…

Happy Christmas everyone!

Safer walking routes – a proposal to navigation software companies

I mentioned this on a post the other day but have since fleshed out the details.

After walking through the dark streets of London, using Apple Maps as a guide, and finding myself sent up dark and potentially unsafe side roads, I had an idea of a feature that would help with this. After more thought, I realised this would be an ideal project for Google, particularly with access to Street View data and DeepMind for the AI. A friend of mine just happens to work for Google (and, specifically, the DeepMind division), so I sent the idea long…

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