Customer Service Life

The Amazon Alexa outage that hardly any-one noticed

Or rather “only I seemed to notice”.

I use my various Alexa’s for various purposes but they’re primarily used for playing the radio. Whether it’s Absolute 70s in the kitchen (yes, I am that old) or LBC in my office, they’re great. But on Wednesday that stopped working and, with nobody else reporting the same thing, was it an unusual issues only related to me?

Gaming Life

Upping my console game

Since day of release I’ve had a PlayStation 4 (the only time I’ve bought a console on day of release!).

And, for anyone who knows about that first model, you’ll know it sounds like a jet engine when in use and now that the PlayStation 5 is out it was time to look for a faster, quieter life…

So I bought a PlayStation 4 Pro.

Automattic Life

What’s on my desk? 2021 edition

Every year I normally write a “what’s in my bag” article to promote those things that I use most when travelling for work. Who’d have thought so much would change so quickly.

Although I managed to squeeze one out last year, I think I’ll be pushing to try again now. So, revisiting an idea from 2017, this year I’m publishing details about all the tech (and some non-tech) that keeps me entertained when working from home (which is something a lot of people have had to get newly used to this last year).


The time I was a able to experiment… with time

We’re probably talking about 15 years ago now… my youngest daughter hadn’t been born and I was working for IBM.

When working in their Global Services division, you are often moved between customer accounts, particularly as they flex how many staff are allocated to different customers. This happened to me – they removed me from one account and put me “on the bench” (their term) whilst they allocated me to another. It was only once they did this that they realised they had a problem – my contract, which had been inherited from my previous employer, had a restriction on where, geographically, I could work.

It took them 2.5 months to realise there was only one solution and assigned me back to my original account. Meantime, I had 10 glorious weeks, fully paid, at home, with nothing to do.

So, with that kind of rare freedom available to me, I decided to experiment.


How to avoid being geographically exclusionary when hiring

Someone on Twitter was recently promoting a job vacancy. I followed it, and not because I’m interested in a new role but because I’m curious as to how other companies do hiring.

Now, I’m not going to mention, or link to, the company involved but what I saw wasn’t uncommon.