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Ford Puma 2020 vs 2022

Back in 2020, I bought a Ford Puma, not long after Ford had released it. Now, 2 years later, I have the newest edition.

Each time I’ve bought the highest specified model that I could but that has shifts in the last 2 years – e.g. the Vignale range for the Puma has been released, improving on the ST-Line X, which I had before.

But I thought, where I could unpick it, try and identify what’s changed in the intervening years, which doesn’t appear to be down to the model changes. I can’t guarantee all of this will be accurate, as a result, but I’ll give it a good try.

So, what have Ford changed on the Ford Puma?

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Sabbatical countdown – 16 days to go!

When I posted previously about my plans, I was pretty “meh” about the whole idea of the sabbatical. I understood its advantages and everything else but, maybe because it was still a way off, I got no feels from it.

But that’s changed. I’m excited and I’m ready.

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Tips on reducing distractions from Slack

Since becoming a Lead at WordPress VIP, Slack has become even more a distraction.

Based on feedback from fellows Leads, tips I read on LinkedIn and things I’ve simply just tried myself, I’ve got these down to a point where I’m happy. And I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt.

One thing we have to consider is which notifications we actually want. After all, as a Lead in a fully remote company, if a member of my team needs for something urgent, that’s the primary way for them to reach me.


2FA is great. Until it goes wrong.

I have Two Factor Authentication on anything that will let me use it. But a recent issue has brought home to me that, as much as it helps protect me online, it can also cause problems that, quite simply, are impossible to resolve.

Let me explain.

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Setting expectations and not rules

In a work environment, particularly in Customer Support, it’s easy to lay down rules and processes for people to follow, to ensure uniformity and that everybody does everything correctly. But my argument is that we should be doing far less of this. In fact, if left to me, I’d tear them all up.