The Amazon Assistant offer that isn’t working

Just over a week ago, I recieve an offer via Amazon Assistant. For those who don’t use it, Amazon Assistant is a browser plug-in that provides information on offers, orders and can make it easy to add items to your Amazon Wish List. The offer was simple – go into Amazon Assistant at least once […]

Remind me again… Scotland Yard?

I didn’t know there was a board game based on Scotland Yard, the home to the London police, until my wife stumbled across it on Amazon. The short descrition describes it thus – “Race around London to try and capture the elusive Mr X”. Reviews are positive and it’s a decent price.

But, there was something about its listing on Amazon that caught her eye.

Amazon Marketplace companies are privately bribing customers for good reviews

Amazon, both US and UK, recently changed their Terms & Conditions to prevent companies from providing free or reduced cost items to customers in return for reviews (which, consistency, results in better review scores than you’d normally get).

However, it would appear that the Marketplace businesses have found another solution – contacting customers who leave anything but glowing reviews and, essentially, bribing them.

The Amazon S3 Outage and the basic mistake that they made

Amazon Web Services (known as AWS) provides a number of web-based products but their most popular is probably S3 (Simple Storage Service). It provides ‘cloud’ storage and is used by numerous sites and businesses throughout the world. Last night it stopped working and that had an impact on many people as a result – probably, most noticeable for some, IFTTT was completely offline as a result.

However, something else didn’t work.

Amazon “fall short” once again with their customer service

So, on Tuesday, the 9-disc Blu-Ray set of the first 6 Star Wars films dropped in price to just £40 on Amazon. I’d been waiting a while for this so immediately ordered it – I rarely upgrade my DVDs to Blu-Ray but, in the case of Star Wars, I’m happy to make an exception.

On Wednesday evening, I got a pop-up message on my phone to indicate that the parcel had been delivered. Except it hadn’t. No card through the door and order screen says it was “handed to the householder”. No, it wasn’t.

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