Customer Service

The Legoland loop (updated)

After a recent trip of Legoland, Windsor, I’ve had to turn to their customer service to resolve an issue. But it’s all got stuck in a loop where they direct me to a third party and third party direct me back to them.

Here’s what happened… my daughter went on a ride called “Driving School”, where you get to drive small, electric cars around a track to earn a driving licence. Before you go on, they take your photo and give you a slip of paper with a code in. The licence, though, is extra cost and there are different packages available. We paid £12, which is for a driving licence, certificate and the option to download a photo that was taken of our daughter. At the desk, you hand over the slip you were given earlier, and pay your money. Everything was put into a bag – except for the licence, which my daughter wanted to wear.

So far, so good.

But when we got home, I read the instructions for the picture download and it states that I have to use a code on that slip to download it. Except we don’t have it and I can’t remember it ever being put in the bag.