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The Legoland loop (updated)

After a recent trip of Legoland, Windsor, I’ve had to turn to their customer service to resolve an issue. But it’s all got stuck in a loop where they direct me to a third party and third party direct me back to them.

Here’s what happened… my daughter went on a ride called “Driving School”, where you get to drive small, electric cars around a track to earn a driving licence. Before you go on, they take your photo and give you a slip of paper with a code in. The licence, though, is extra cost and there are different packages available. We paid £12, which is for a driving licence, certificate and the option to download a photo that was taken of our daughter. At the desk, you hand over the slip you were given earlier, and pay your money. Everything was put into a bag – except for the licence, which my daughter wanted to wear.

So far, so good.

But when we got home, I read the instructions for the picture download and it states that I have to use a code on that slip to download it. Except we don’t have it and I can’t remember it ever being put in the bag.

I drop a tweet to Legoland Windsor about this.

I contact Picsolve, but they’re unable to help…

Unfortunately, without a receipt we are unable to locate your photos. The receipt holds vital information to allow us to search for your photos, and without it I’m afraid there isn’t anything we can do.

So, without that slip they can’t identify the photo, despite me being able to provide date and time details, and even a scan of the photo from the certificate, so they can look for the one that I need.

What I’m not sure about, here, is who’s responsible. I’m not aware of even getting my receipt, so if that’s not been provided, is this not something Legoland should assist with? I turn back to them…

I contact Legoland’s customer services, as they suggest, detailing what happened, as above. Their reply is, shall we say, not ideal…

As Picsolve are a separate company to us we unfortunately don’t have access to their systems and therefore cannot locate pictures. If you could please contact them directly they will be able to look into this for you.

And, hence, we’re in a loop of blame, with no-one willing to help me out. Bearing in mind, this digital download was part of the money I paid, this could be argued falls under trading standards, as I’ve not been provided with something that I paid for.

First update

After publishing this post, Picsolve reached out to me via Twitter (although not Legoland), asking for their ticket number so that they could re-open it. I provided it and they got back in touch…

unfortunately the driving licence product that was purchased does not include a digital copy and so we are unable to provide one for you.

This makes zero sense. It’s printed on the back of the printed certificate that you should go to their website to get your digital copy – there’s no exceptions listed at all.

Now, this means one of two things is happening here…

  1. Other people are seeing the same thing and have the same problem. Which is odd that Picsolve have neither changed the certificate or aren’t more aware when replying to people.
  2. This is BS.

My money is on the latter but I hope I’m wrong. It would be really bad if Picsolve are resorting to lies to get around having to do some work and provide me with something that I paid for.

Second & (hopefully) final update

A week later and I’ve had a reply from Picsolve.

As our Driving Licences are not a standard product they do not contain a digital copy, I apologise that this was not explained to you at purchase as it should have been.

The download instructions on the back of the booklet are printed on the back of all our booklets so that they are uniform

So, I think what they’re saying here is that if I’d wanted a digital copy, I should have paid more. However, they still print the confusing instructions on the back so that they don’t have to provide multiple versions.

Of course, they could always just add a condition on it, pointing out that it’s only available if you’d paid for a specific product. But, I’m still not convinced this is true, as I suspect there’d be a lot more confused customers contacting them.

None-the-less, “as a gesture of goodwill” they’ve sent an image along, albeit being a digital copy of the entire licence and not just the photo. But, with that, I’ll leave it.

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