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Do Sony Do Anything About Abusive PSN Messages? (NSFW)

Yesterday I was playing Overwatch, which I’m relatively new to. Not only that but I was trying out a different character which I had little experience with. Combine both of these, the former reflected in the fact that I’m only rank 12, and, yeah, I’m not a brilliant player. But I’m not THAT bad.

Someone though thought differently as I was suddenly sent a message on my PS4.

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PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 Firmware Updates Announced

Yesterday the latest firmware releases for the PS3 and PS4 were announced.

For the PS4, it’s only a small update, improving system software stability and incorporating minor bug fixes.

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Upgrading a PS3 hard drive

When I bought my PS3 (the slim model) I have a choice between the 160GB and 320GB models. As I had no intention of storing music and photos on it I thought the former, cheaper, model would be fine. I was wrong. I didn’t account for 2 things – 1) the size of games and 2) getting Premium membership, which means getting lots of free, downloadable games. As a result my drive space is regularly running out.

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What is it with… PS3 downloads?

The PlayStation Store is working again today so I took the opportunity to buy and download the game Pain. Great game.

However, I wait for the over 1GB of data to download, then for it to install before I can run it… then I have to wait for it to download and install updates. Updates? When I’ve only just downloaded it. Quite obviously you only download the original version and then all updates are applied. But, why? If you download PC software from a website you generally (I can’t think of any exceptions) download the very latest version – no updates should be needed. Why can’t Sony do this for the PS3?

The other bug-bear is that the updates, unlike the original download, can’t be downloaded in the background so the PS3 is tied up whilst it happens. And, again unlike the original download, the PS3 shows no indication of how long it will take.

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Armageddon Riders – Zombie death for the PS3!

Back in the late 90’s I was a huge fan of Carmageddon on the PC – driving cars around, knocking competitors out of the race and all while running over zombies i. Wouldn’t that be great now, on the latest generation of consoles? Well, it now is – Targem Games is set to release Armageddon Riders for the PS3 (available exclusively as a download via the PlayStation store).

Targem Games are a Russian games company established in 2002 with a few console games already “under their belt”. However this game is the first project of the studio as a publisher on PSN.

Here’s the official description…

Drive and kill in a bloody car battle with no rules and no brakes on PS3.

Armageddon Riders is a bloody car battle for fans of fast drive, with no rules and no brakes! You’re driving a killing machine on the streets of a dead city. Your enemies are zombies and marauders. Go get them!

There has been a fatal accident in the Large Hadron Collider that plunged the nearby city into chaos, filling it with anomalies and turning the residents into zombies. The restricted zone became a Mecca for marauders and criminals who hunted for artifacts and thrills of dead city street racing. Outrageous speed, rivers of blood, brutal cars, equipped with instruments of destruction: spikes, saws and blades, and don’t forget the boosters. Hundreds of hungry zombies roam the streets, jumping on cars and trying to get to the drivers. To survive there and return to tell the tale is a real challenge.

Key features:

  • A multitude of drivable vehicles and upgrades
  • Many ways to destroy zombies
  • The LHC campus is a complete city open for exploration, sandbox style
  • 8 game modes of racing and combat
  • Advanced collision and damage physics

It runs at a 720p resolution and is Dolby 7.1 compatible.  It also has a 2 player mode. Also bear in mind that this game has an 18+ PEGI rating.

The game is available now for just £7.99. I’m hoping to post a review in a few days – I’m really looking forward to playing it as it really looks excellent.

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