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Since I’ve started writing WordPress plugins, I’ve had a few questions about them.

These I don’t mind at all and I’m very happy to answer them. However, I’m often limited as to how much help I can give by what details I’m actually sent.

So, to help out, I’ve immediately implemented an attachment feature on the contact page so that you can send me examples of you code – this attachment feature only allows limited size files and only certain extensions. For code, none of these should cause an issue.

Let’s assume you’ve tried one of my plugins and it’s not working properly. In that case I’d need the following…

  1. What’s actually happening when you try it? Is any output appearing? Are there any error messages?
  2. Please send me a copy of the file in which you’ve added my code. In most cases this will be sidebar.php.
  3. Lastly, let me know the URL of the page where it’s going wrong, assuming you’ve not turned off the plugin or removed the offending code.

Send me this and there’s a good chance the return email from myself will have the answer in it!