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How to add Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar

Although possible to do this, Facebook make it difficult through poor, outdates instructions. So, here’s how to add your Facebook birthdays to Google calendar…

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My WordCamp Europe 2017 Diary

Thursday 15th June kicks off 2017’s WordCamp Europe, this year in Paris. And I’ll be there! As with WC London, I’ll be volunteering during the main event and contributing on Thursday itself.

During the event I’ll be updating this post with a diary of how it goes – WCEU is the biggest WordCamp in the world and, I’ll admit, a little daunting.

I fly to Paris very early on Wednesday 14th, where I’m staying at a hotel arranged by Automattic for its employees attending the camp. I’m both excited but nervous (similar to how I was for London).

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Why Argos has a terrible attitude to website security

Don’t get me wrong, some websites get their security really, really wrong but the difference with Argos is their attitude towards the customers that take issue with it.

I raised problems with Argos back in January, when I found their site doesn’t allow you to use the paste function of your computer when creating a new password – this rules out using password managers and, therefore, long, secure password.

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Why the National Clean Air Day Campaign is wrong

I saw this Tweet on my feed this morning and immediately knew something was wrong.

Let me be clear, I totally agree with the aims of any such campaign but, certainly this suggestion, I disagree with. I’ll explain…

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Being taken legitimately as a solider has been difficult as I keep being labelled as “the former model”, which to me is insulting – I didn’t like it, it was very sexistYPJ Solider, Hanna Tiger Böhman

A quote from a video on the BBC News website. A video, that without even a whiff of irony, is labelled “Canadian former model Hanna Tiger Böhman joined the Kurdish all-female military units, the YPJ, to fight so-called Islamic State in northern Syria”. Did whoever caption this not even bother watching the video first?

Trying to make a political point and, at the time of writing, with 112 re-tweets, this Conservative voter can’t work out why 4 photos of Theresa May don’t get seen more often. But, before using images with watermarks on, it’s best to, you know, check you can.

If I get a reply, I’ll let you know 😉

Should we be keeping political discussion off our Facebook timeline?

I don’t give a rats-ass how you’ll be voting, it ain’t gonna make me change my mind. Please people, keep it to yourself!

This is just the latest comment on my Facebook timeline, berating those who want to make political comment, with a UK general election less than a week away.

I made the decision a few weeks ago, after similar comments and even threats of being unfollowed and even unfriending, to halt all political comment on Facebook. But do I agree with doing this? No. However, as my Facebook posts are only directed at friends and family, and they mean more to me than making political jibes, I felt this was what I wanted to do.

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I have a new badge on my wp.org profile which I’m proud of…

This for being a ‘translation contributor’. Most of it, I’ll admit, is for translating US English to UK English (not surprisingly, it’s pretty easy to do) but also my wife and I did some German and French translating recently too. This is not the end and I’ll continue to contribute to this where I can – it’s incredibly easy to do.

Simple security tips for WordPress

At a recent visit to a local WordPress meetup, the question of how we should secure our WordPress websites came up. Not from a business angle, but for regular at-home bloggers.

So, here’s my 2¢ worth.

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What’s in my pencil case?

When revealing in a post, yesterday,  the contents of my travel backpack, I mentioned my Clairefontaine pencil case but said I’d reveal the content in a separate post. Well, this is that post.

You see, I like my stationary. Nothing ostentatious but just good quality. A lot them came as recommendations from the excellent book Adventures in Stationary.

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