WP-CLI: Best practices for your scripts

WP-CLI is a rather splendid command-line method of interacting with your WordPress site. You can use it to automate installs, update plugins and all sorts. At WordPress.com VIP, clients use it, in particular, to power batch updates – maybe some image compression that they’ve not done in the past, re-categorising articles, all sorts. If you’re […]

Applying for a job? Here’s what people often get wrong

It’s 2 years since I got my job at Automattic and now I’m part of Automattic’s VIP hiring team. And performing this hiring role has been genuinely interesting and, yes, eye-opening. In this post, I want to give you an idea of what I look for in an application and some of the less obvious […]

The Music of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Creating my popular video

With over 137,000 views, my video of the music from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become, for me, a soaraway success (well, compared to my other videos which normally consist of people on trampolines or moving Lego contraptions). So, I thought I’d talk about how I create the video and what the future holds for […]

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