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Why can’t I transfer my domain from 1&1?

I’ve had an account with 1&1 for, oh, many years. Never for hosting but simply for domain handling – specifically artiss.co.uk.

However, needing to install SSL on this domain, my host (Tsohost) can only do it if the domain is hosted with them and 1&1, well, they won’t give me SSL because I don’t have the domain hosted with them. So, the easiest solution was to move the domain to Tsohost.

Sadly, 1&1 have made sure this process isn’t easy.

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Why my denied WordPress Core contribution was the right thing

Yesterday, the following Tweet, copying in myself, appeared on my Timeline.

The image is a quote from the README of one of my plugins. Except it’s being used to make a point – a point I don’t agree with (which I’m guessing the Tweet author wasn’t expecting to be the case).

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Our Easter short break

Standing next to a Tiger.

Sitting on a beach at the eastern most part of the country.

Driving a car for the first time.

Not a bad list of things achieved for a 7 year old during a short 3 day Easter holiday.

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Whatever you do, don’t trust Doros Kiriakoulis

Last year I wrote about how a single product, the GoKey, had made me give up on crowd funding websites. Badly delayed, something always seemed to come up when the deadline was imminent. However, it all appeared to be moving on and only a couple of weeks ago all the backers received an email so we could provide final confirmation details of our product requirements (for example, my phone connection has changed, twice,
since originally backing the product, so I needed a different connector on the GoKey).

This morning I had an email.

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James Altucher Interview with Matt Mullenweg

James Altucher, a “investor, writer and entrepreneur” publishes regular podcasts and, for this latest, he interviewed Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic.

You can listen to it below, or head to James’ website.

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My LinkedIn network includes CEOs, VPs and MDs but, by far, this is my best contact.


Pragmatic have rebranded! So?

Don’t get me wrong, Pragmatic were due a re-brand. Their previous logo looked as if they were part of a survey tick list…

You can then add your own suggestion as to what that tick list was. “Tick all the companies you don’t like”, or whatever.

Yea, that box is pretty rubbish and the typeface of the company name is pretty boring. The new one, I think, is much better.

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WordPress, PHP 7 and Yoast – Why we should’t be forcing users to upgrade

Right now, WordPress recommends being hosted on PHP 7 but it’s not an absolute requirement. However, since adding this as a recommendation more and more people have switched over. Having said that, according to stats provided by W3Techs, usage of PHP 7 currently stands at 3.7% across PHP users and is 8% for WordPress.

So should be be doing more to push WordPress users? Yoast thinks so and is currently forcing a non-dismissible, ‘big, ugly’ admin message to all users who haven’t upgraded.

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Amazon Marketplace companies are privately bribing customers for good reviews

Amazon, both US and UK, recently changed their Terms & Conditions to prevent companies from providing free or reduced cost items to customers in return for reviews (which, consistency, results in better review scores than you’d normally get).

However, it would appear that the Marketplace businesses have found another solution – contacting customers who leave anything but glowing reviews and, essentially, bribing them.

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How to surface old posts on your WordPress site

If you have an old post on your WordPress site that you think deserves greater recognition then an age-old way is to modify the published date, pushing to the top of your blog. But this isn’t a great way to do it – links can be broken 1, sitemaps may not update correctly and, well, Google is unlikely to appreciate it, as far as SEO concerns.

Instead, some smart coding changes will allow you to easily mark posts as note-worthy and have them listed at the top, all without changing any URLs.

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  1. WordPress is great at directing URL changes to the new location but it’s not infallible[]

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