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How do you solve a problem like YouTube Embed?

My YouTube Embed WordPress plugin is nearly 11 years old now and was one of the first plugins I wrote (albeit not THE first), paving a way into WordPress development and, for the last 4 years, working in my dream job at Automattic.

But, right now, I have a problem with it.

First of all, it’s important to understand what the plugin is about.

How To Life

A tip for holiday deliveries

This Christmas/holiday, with families in lockdown, ordering online seems to be the way to go. Or, at best, buy on the high street and then post.

But how do you get presents to people without them opening them in advance? Let me share what my family are doing and, I have to say (particularly as it wasn’t my idea), it’s ingenous, yet simple.

Cars Life

Ford Puma: the mysteries of its connectivity

The new Ford Puma has a rich variety of ways in which you can connect the car up to the outside world, in terms of internet connectivity. Whether it’s via Bluetooth or WiFi to your phone, the car’s in-build data connection or a physical connection to your own device, each has its own peculiarities. And, unfortunately, Ford’s manual is pretty dire.

So, I decided to work it all out and it reveals some interesting information!


Future predictions for the Apple iPhone

If you’d asked me earlier this year to predict a change for the iPhone 12, I would have said that it would have a more powerful wireless charger. I was right (but as I didn’t write that down, can’t prove it, so I won’t crow about that).

Let me explain my thinking and where I think they’re going next.


Deutsche Bank is wrong: why we shouldn’t tax home workers

Deutsche Bank Research is suggesting that a 5% salary tax should be considered for those working from home, so that the money can go towards those that cannot and are struggling as a result.

Which, on the face of it, seems a fair distribution of money. Except the argument is deeply flawed.

Let me explain.