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5 things all WordPress plugin developers should be doing

Today, I’m going to document 5 things that I think WordPress plugin developers should be doing, if they’re not already.

And there may be some controversial choices here, particularly for those who develop premium plugins. One of the most popular plugins, for example, fails every single one of these.

Life Theatre

Does chocolate affect singing?

Back in 2016 I wrote an article about the apparent truth that coffee, and caffeine in general, affects a singing voice.

Well, now, having been told numerous times the same about chocolate, it’s time to explore this one too. So, does chocolate affect a singing voice?


Can’t change your WordPress admin email? Try this…

If you want to change your administrator email in WordPress then it won’t update until it’s been confirmed by an email sent to the current email address. If there’s an issue with it (email no longer exists or there’s an issue receiving emails for whatever reason) then how do you do it?

The email address is held on your site’s database but unless you know what you’re doing, this may not be something you’re either able or willing to do. Thankfully, there’s an easier way.


WordPress security is really not that complex

A recent discussion on Reddit left me amazed by the lengths that people will go through to try and secure their WordPress site. In this case, renaming their login page to random strings of numbers to prevent bots from trying to crack user passwords.

When this didn’t work, they turned to plugins to lock accounts where multiple, failed attempts at the password have been attempted.

But the answer is a lot, lot simpler.


Yeah. That me.

I recently saw on Instagram the following, labelled as “Kids who grew up feeling lonely may become adults who…”.

I feel seen.