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How NOT to push out code updates for a WordPress plugin

This is how this started off.

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Why you should avoid any website that emails you your password

The next time you sign up for a website or you click on the ‘Forgotten password’ link and they email you your password…. run! Delete your account and don’t use them.

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Add a Time to Read To Your WordPress Posts

Popular on posts these days is a ‘time to read’ appearing at the top to give readers an idea how long it will take to read through a potential opus. Plugins exist to do this but, when it’s so easy to do, why do it?

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Why many websites don’t have security as a priority

As part of my new job online security is paramount. To this end, for a number of months I’ve been ploughing through my online accounts and updating passwords to be unique and strong. A password manager is essential to this – I use LastPass but 1Password is also recommended. I also changed my email address recently too so I’ve been taking the opportunity to update that as well.

Unfortunately, some websites, and retailers in particular, don’t seem to want to help out, making it difficult, one way or another, to be as secure online as you’d like.

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Useful WordPress code snippets

If you wish to add any additional code to a WordPress site, where you place it is important. If it’s theme specific code you should add it to functions.php, in the theme folder. For CSS you should add this to the theme customizer. If the latter is not available to you, your theme may have a custom.css file for this.  If it’s not a theme specific change then I create my own, single-file plugin.

A lot of my code snippets over the years have gone on to become full-blown plugins in their own right but there is still some code that remains in my site plugin. So I thought I’d share them.

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WordPress and Update Signing

So, you’ve created open source software to make it easier to provide update signing. It requires auditing but  you ask WordPress to implement it with their system but, for now, they decline, simply because it’s not something immediately planned. However, Matt Mullenwegg agreed to donate towards getting the audit done.

What would you do the next day?

I’m guessing it wouldn’t involve posting a massive rant about WordPress, but specifically aimed at Matt, about how much WordPress doesn’t care about security, even to the point of trying to make popular a hashtag of #StopMullware? Well, that’s just what Scott Arciszewski did, via Medium.

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Is the UK Government removing the subsidy for blood test strips?

*really important*
I would like to highlight the government removing the subsidy for blood test strips. Diabetics need very frequent blood testing 5+ times a day. The cost of strips is £70.00 outcome reduced blood glucose testing and more hospital admissions from hyper or hypo glycemic Diabetes . . . I am asking if everyone could put this as their status for 1 hour. I’m pretty sure I know the ones that will. Think of someone you know or love who has or has had diabetes. My hope is that in 2017 a cure will be found. Will you post it for 1 hour? To honor those who have fought or are fighting diabetes.
Hope to see it as your
status. Copy and paste, don’t share

Have you seen this status posted into Facebook recently, with that last line to try and get you to share the same information? As with many of these ‘please share’ stories, it’s not true. Well, no, that’s not true either. This is actually a story from Australia, where, yes, this has been the case. But not in the UK. Snopes has, kind of, covered this but only where it’s been changed to look as if it’s a US news story.

Personally I hate the type that try emotional blackmail to get you to post something too…

Will you post it for 1 hour? To honor those who have fought or are fighting diabetes.

If anything this is LESS likely to get me to post it. And, let’s be honest, is sharing that post going to help diabetes? Not a jot, it doesn’t even educate the reader on the subject. If it wanted to do anything it would suggest funding to one of the many charities, raise a petition or, as I say, educate people on the disease.

BTW, do you spot the spelling too – ‘honor’. Kind of gives away that this may have been modified from another (non UK) source.

Anyway, ‘just say no’ friends. This is the kind of ‘fake news’ that gets dangerous, sex-pests elected as Presidents.

Photo: Jill Brown, Flickr

My Smartphone History

Yeah, I know this is an odd subject but I couldn’t quite remember which phone I had when so I did some research and noted them down.

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Give us this day our daily walk

The one problem with working from home can be the lack of movement, which is not good for health. So, mid-morning I go for a walk. Today’s was, shall we say, bracing but I had a lovely walk along the canal path and took some lovely pictures across the misty scene.

Although I was wearing headphones, a house-boat owner made a point of waving and saying ‘good morning’ to me, which was a very friendly gesture. As the warmer weather approaches the walk should get even better.

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I’ve moved. Again.

Only a few weeks ago I moved the site domain and now the hosting has moved too. Tsohost, a UK hosting company, has great support and is excellent value for money. But you get what you paid for and I’ve remained frustrated at speed problems with my site.

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