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Safer walking routes – a proposal to navigation software companies

I mentioned this on a post the other day but have since fleshed out the details.

After walking through the dark streets of London, using Apple Maps as a guide, and finding myself sent up dark and potentially unsafe side roads, I had an idea of a feature that would help with this. After more thought, I realised this would be an ideal project for Google, particularly with access to Street View data and DeepMind for the AI. A friend of mine just happens to work for Google (and, specifically, the DeepMind division), so I sent the idea long…

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Big WP – London Calling

At numerous locations, often in big cities, regular WordPress-themed meetups occur. Anyone can run one and those attending can be anybody from bloggers to developers, with all levels of knowledge. However, probably the biggest in the UK is the appropriately named Big WP, held in London. Less regular than some others it, none-the-less, attracts a big audience and some impressive speakers.

For this meetup, the first in a while, I’ve attended – my first Big WP.

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New WordPress plugin – add a Pride rainbow to your admin bar

I'm happy to announce my latest WordPress plugin – Pride Bar. My first plugin available, straight-away, from both WordPress.org and Github, this adds the Pride rainbow to your boring admin bar…

At the moment activation will add the Pride bar to all users. If you think I need to add an option where individual users of the site (and remember, this only affects those with access to the site's back-end screens) can have their own setting, then please let me know, as I'll be happy to add it as a later feature.

Please install and enjoy 🙂


Yesterday I noticed that grey gradient at the bottom of my Macbook Pro screen – it's the 2016 model and just 11 months old. For clarity in the screenshot I've hidden the dock and put a white background on.

It appears over the top of anything on the screen but due to its relevatively small size it's not (yet) a bother. I assume it's backlight issue of some kind but not sure what exactly would produce that kind of pattern – consistent right across the screen.

Thankfully my employers swap out our devices after 18 months, so I've only got to live with this (if I want to) for 7 months. The majority of the time I use an external monitor and only really use the laptop screen whilst mobile. But, still, it's a little odd!

The week I was in a Russian boy band

For some reason my co-workers in Automattic's VIP team seem to be gripped by this story and thought I should share it, so here goes.

First of all, some back story. I've been performing in amateur musical theatre for about 15 years. I can single and act reasonably. I can dance badly.

Cue misty, dreamy clouds that take us back to 2013…

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Regularly mocked by my daughter and her friends for playing as Bastion, I’ve created this video to show some highlights.

Whatever they may think Bastion is not the noob character he’s made out. His regular gun it under-powered and when set up as a turret, although powerful, he’s vulnerable as he can’t move – transforming back to be able to move takes valuable seconds and I’ve often been killed whilst trying to do this. The key to Bastion is the age old mantra of ‘shoot and relocate’ – that way, when characters re-spawn and come looking for you, you’re not in a vulnerable position. In fact, move to a place where you can still see your old location and you can often pick them off again when they come looking for you 😉

Fish on Tour

Last night I went to see the excellent No Such Thing as a Fish on the first night of their UK tour. It was a fantastic show and I highly recommend it.

It consisted of two parts – an initial 45 minutes with the "Elves", each doing their own presentation about the year. There was then an interval followed by an hour long segment, during which they recorded a podcast for broadcast next Friday (once released I'll add a link to it in this post). It will be interesting to see what is included and what's not (the Podcast is usually 40-45 minutes, including ads).

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A Year of WordPress Plugin Updates

Today marks a momentous occasion – for most of this year I’ve been trying to bring my 18 WordPress plugins up-to-date and, as of this morning, it’s now complete.

You see, I’d allowed my WordPress plugins to fall behind in their updates, for various reasons, and changes were required to them all – not enhancements but basic maintenance tasks.

Why did it take me so long? Quite simply, time. With a new job, I need to prioritise that above everything else. Now, more settled I’ve been able to find the time to get this work done. And, my work also allowed me time to complete one of those tasks – learning Github enough to be able to start hosting my plugins there – as Github knowledge is of use to my role as well.

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Why can’t Jo Malone change your account’s email?

This all started, innocently, yesterday as I was going through some online accounts that I have registered to an old email address.

I bought my wife some Jo Malone perfume last year, I think, and, as a result, I now have an account on their site. But, and unfortunately they’re not the only site to do this, they don’t provide a way for you to change your email.

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Goodbye contact form

Inspired by Mika Epstein, I've ditched this site's contact form. And, shameless ripping off her post on the subject, I'm going to explain a little bit of why.

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