Displaying Code in WordPress

I often have the need to display code within this blog – whether it’s JavaScript, PHP, XHTML or something else.

There are many plugins available that will display any such code in a nice manner – usually with syntax highlighting – but, as yet, I’ve been unable to find one that doesn’t fulfil my requirements. And personally, I don’t think my requirements are that much.

Showing the code in a fixed font, with a decent line wrapping facility and the ability to display spaces and/or tabs, I don’t think, is a big list of needs. That list doesn’t even include the ubiquitous syntax highlighting.

In the end I created a half-arsed version of my own. In fact, it’s not even a plugin – just simply some CSS for displaying the code in reasonable manner. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get around the line wrapping problem.

So, imagine my surprise to come across a plugin the other day that seemed to resolve all these problems. And it does Syntax Highlighting. I had some initial problems, which involved me having to move my aforementioned CSS, and then, with no further testing, I started busily converting my posts to the new system. Note, me specifically mentioning my lack of testing. Because, yes, after changing lots of pages and posts, I realised that it wouldn’t work with spaced or tabs, so all lines of code were aligned down the left hand side of the screen. Bah. And I can’t find a solution, so I’m in the process of putting it all back to how it was.

If ANYBODY knows a plugin that will do what I’m after, then please let me know!

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