WordPress 2.9 and my pages!

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I updated to WordPress 2.9 yesterday. All appeared fine.

That is, until I went to update a page today and found the Edit button didn’t work any more. Neither was the URL shortening for the page. And then I noticed that all the comments were missing.

It appeared that the URL for the page was not being returned correctly. At first I thought this to be a potential WordPress fault but after installing the default page.php into my theme it worked! So I’m slowly converting my pages using them default theme page as a template. So, bear with me as it will take a while to do this (work, Christmas, etc, all getting in the way!).

It’s strange that I haven’t found any reference to any of this functionality being changed…


I found the fault. It was this line…

if (function_exists('simple_social_bookmarks'))

..which I use to detect if the current user has editing rights – if so, the edit option is displayed. I’ve now modified the edit_post_link parameter to do this instead.

No mention of this being changed in this way in any of the documentation and it works fine with posts. Weird.

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