O2: Our Home Broadband prices are changing to… something

I’ve just received an email from O2, who provide my home broadband…

Internet use has changed dramatically over the last few years and this is likely to continue. We need to increase our prices so we can still give you the level of service you’d expect from us.
From 31 March 2011 Any discount or free period you already have – like a three months free offer – will stay unchanged.
You don’t need to do anything, but if you’d like to know more about your options, or want to compare our prices to the market, go to A

Best regards

Felix Geyr
Managing Director,
O2 Home and Broadband

No, that abrupt ending isn’t a mistake – they really did end it with “go to A”. Following the link on “A”, however, takes you to a “Price Changes” page on the O2 website.

There it tells you why they’re changing their prices and show a comparison of the cost of other broadband providers. However, at no point in the email or on that page do they tell you exactly what it’s changing to. I guess they want you to guess.

In the end I had to ring O2 to find my account would be the same (an unlimited account, which they don’t provide anymore) but £2 more.

Announcing price increases such as this rarely bring customer praise – indeed, more than likely people would leave as result. So you’d thought it would be handled well. Surely it can’t be that hard?


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  1. I too received the above email and phoned them and was told the same as you – I’ve today received the following email

    Just to let you know, your O2 broadband special offer discount will end on 07/04/2011.

    After this date, your charge for O2 Home Broadband Standard will be £9.50. Any other charges e.g. Static I.P. are not included in the above figure.

    Your latest bill and also previous bills can be viewed by logging onto o2.co.uk/MyBroadband.

    If you’ve got any other questions email us, or go to the ‘contact us’ page.

    Best regards,

    Felix Geyr
    Head of O2 Home and Broadband

    So they charged me £7.15 for this month (previously £5.11) and then now it is increasing again to £9.50 as discount is stopping.

    They deserve to have a mass boycott of their service as they clearly have no interest in customer service and rewarding longstanding customers.

  2. I agree its time to change given current situation any increase is deplorable.

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