Damn you, Professional WordPress Plugin Development

So, I’m finally beginning to get somewhere with version 2 of my YouTube Embed WordPress plugin. As a birthday treat to myself I bought Professional WordPress Plugin Development from Amazon.

Now, completion of my plugin is even less likely to be soon as this rather excellent book has just left me with a raft of further changes to make. Everything from coding standards to widget development is covered. I’m only a quarter way through and already there are sticky note bookmarks everywhere – each indicating something I need to look at.

It’s not just this plugin this will affect though, as I will then turn my intention towards all my other plugins as well – starting with my caching and feed plugins which will get major overhauls (as this book mentions methods of performing each with a lot less effort than I’m currently applying!).

Even their section on marketing your plugin has left me with ideas of changes I wish to make – first up, I’m going to see about renaming my existing plugins.

If you’re into WordPress development I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have a lot of work to do i

  1. not helped by the fact that events in the last week have given me a great idea for a new plugin – my head is now full of that. Not that I’m going to say what it is 😉 []

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