Picking WordPress Plugins Back Up

After some time away from my plugins, I’ve returned back to them. Re-assigning them to myself and reviewing the support forums, I’ve brought myself up-to-date with any issues. I think my Currency Converter plugin needs most attention, but otherwise they’re fairing well.

There are some that are a priority, I’ll admit. Overnight I’ve had WordPress remove some of my old, abandoned plugins i and I’ll be reviewing those remaining – that, at least, allows me to concentrate on the important ones.

I was using MantisBT for my bug and feature tracking but found that quite un-user-friendly, so Bug Tracker. I haven’t quite moved over all the plugins yet to FlySpray, just the most important ones – the rest will happen in due course. I’d ideally like users to Bug Tracker : Register too and add their own issues, as well as comment on existing ones (you can also vote on features – so if you want to get one prioritised, you know how to do it!).

My plan next is to review each and push out a minor update, fixing any bugs. Feature enhancements will come later.

  1. where other plugins provide better functionality[]

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