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Isn’t that right TickTick?

The time management company have recently, unannounced, decided to restrict their free users to just a handful of lists, whilst adding constant nags to upgrade to their premium service, and filling screen real-estate with options that don’t work for free users. Oh, and top it all off – they’ve raised the price of their premium service.

Is this really the way to do this? A communication to explain the changes should have been the least that way done, maybe with some discount for those upgrading, as a good will gesture. Or even, given us a short time to upgrade before the price rise was due – that would have been good.

I asked about this on their forum and, initially, they just confirmed that free users were restricted to a set number of lists. It was only later that they mentioned an announcement had been made in their forum. However, when I’d checked last week I hadn’t seen this and, are told, it’s now been removed anyway (something to do with confusion over the price change, not that I can see an announcement about that either). Conveniently. An email to their customer service has yielded no response.

If anybody needed a perfect example of how to treat your customers badly, this is the way. If this had been dealt with correctly, I would have upgraded to Premium. But now? No chance.

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