I’ve moved. Again.

Only a few weeks ago I moved the site domain and now the hosting has moved too. Tsohost, a UK hosting company, has great support and is excellent value for money. But you get what you paid for and I’ve remained frustrated at speed problems with my site.

I’m now hosted by Pressable, a US WordPress-specific host. Designed specifically for WordPress sites, it absolutely flies with specific caching and general system ‘tweaks’.

It costs more, yes, and it’s not appropriate for my non-WordPress sites, so some of those will remain with Tsohost.

Pressable give you access to your database and to your `wp-contents` folder but nothing else – your system files remains under control of Pressable due to the changes they need to make to ensure the aforementioned performance. This means my plugin test sites will remain elsewhere. However, for a ‘live’ WordPress site my new host is ideal and I’ll soon be transferring BFMedic over as well.

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