Why Argos has a terrible attitude to website security

Don’t get me wrong, some websites get their security really, really wrong but the difference with Argos is their attitude towards the customers that take issue with it.

I raised problems with Argos back in January, when I found their site doesn’t allow you to use the paste function of your computer when creating a new password – this rules out using password managers and, therefore, long, secure password.

Although they ‘passed this on’, 5 months later, their site is the same.

My second message, showed that I was also having problems getting it to accept a long password anyway. It turns out that, although not mentioned on their site, they limit password lengths and I must have been exceeding it. Someone else has reported the same issue, however, Argos’ response to this is, imo, jaw-dropping…

Ignore the reply above that – that wasn’t the original query but a response in a long time of discussion. However, Argos’ response to this being brought up is, essentially, “accept it or go elsewhere” – in their case, into a store rather than use the site. No, thank you Argos, if this is your attitude towards your customer then I’d prefer to use neither.

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