So long, farewell… my New Year plugin resolution for 2018

I have had a lot of plugins. 19 as of yesterday. And managing to keep them maintained, let alone adding new features, can be difficult. With Gutenberg around the corner and the changes that will be needed as part of that, it's a burden that's now impossible. 

Many have been around for many, many years and there are far better alternatives now available. Many have few users (less than 10 in some cases). So, with a heavy heart, I've decided to reduce that burden.

8 were deleted yesterday, leaving me with 12.

"Hold on", you cry. "19 minus 8 is not 12"! Well, okay, I may have added another (see my next post). But, yeah, that's not far off halving them. However, I now hope that I can dedicate more time to those that remain – I've left the ones that I like the most rather than, necessarily, those with the most users. And, yes, I could have left them rather than have them removed. I could also have scouted for developers to taken them over but my experience is that this takes some time (if you get anyone at all) and I wanted to make a fresh start for 2018.

However, if anybody wishes to fork one of those plugins, then I've kept the Github repositories alive, albeit archived. Here are those plugins with links to them on Github…

And that's it. Like my wife's Emma Bridgewater mug collection, if I want to add a new one, I'll need to find one to get rid of. Anything more, for one person anyway, is a struggle.

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