Getting an image to float to the left or right of some text is not as obvious in Gutenberg as it was in the classic editor. Using blocks it’s no longer obvious how to combine and text on a single horizontal. But, the answer, once you know it is just as easy.

The best way to start is by adding everything in separate blocks, including the image that you want to float. Ensure that all the text that you want at the side of the image appears in the blocks directly below the image. Something like this…

Now, you simply use the toolbar for the image block to align it either to the left or the right. Here is the above example but now with the image right aligned…

And that’s all there is to it.  If you then want to move the content about after, you can simply remove the alignment from the image and it will return back to how it was in that first screenshot – move the blocks around and then apply the alignment again. In many ways this makes later manipulation of this in Gutenberg easier than it was before.

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