Work on WordPress theme Twenty Nineteen has started – doesn’t it look pretty?

Update: I’ve now reverted back to my previous theme. Twenty Nineteen had too many issues present for me to continue using it (it was the first, very draft release, after all). Everything I saw has been reported though and I’m looking forward to using it a later time.

Just 3 hours ago (at the time of writing), the new theme for WordPress 5.0 was announced – Twenty Nineteen. And I’m running the very early version on this site.

Designed specifically for Gutenberg, it looks great but, yeah, some if it has broken the site (you don’t need to tell me).

Most of the broken content is at the bottom of individual post pages and is mainly Jetpack content – comments, related posts, etc. The one exception is the author bio, which I can’t blame on Jetpack. I had similar issues with the Atomic Blocks theme and they resolved this with some CSS updates to the theme – hopefully Twenty Nineteen can do the same (yes, I have reported the problems).

Have a look and consider trying it yourself.

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  1. As I commented elsewhere, a 3yr-old with a random page-builder can put this together, nothing special

    1. That’s a very unkind thing to say.

      Just for reference, can you point me to one of your own themes?

      1. Twenty Nineteen is the best and most beautiful WordPress theme I’ve seen in the decade I’ve been using WordPress for my various websites and it was exactly what had I had been looking for for some time. Its simplicity and blank slate feeling is advanced and sophisticated and makes this theme useful for a wide variety of people and organizations/businesses. The theme is in my opinion a spiritual successor of Twenty Eleven which was a great theme for its time. That said, the theme still has some bugs affecting its use on mobile devices in particular, so it still needs some work, but I already regard it as a truly great theme.

  2. Hi there… First I have say, I like the Twenty Nineteen project a lot. Very clean, super fast and straight forward theme, seems very promising.

    I was trying to mentally disassemble the mockups and prototypes published at and I was trying to understand how there were made.

    Unfortunately I don’t have an idea how the authors of this amazing theme achieved somethings.

    I’m particularly interested in full width blocks on Homepage prototype saying “Redefining a brand” (in blue block) or “Activating new customers” (in black block) both looking like “Cover” block with Hading, Paragraph and Button inside. But I didn’t find anything between the Gutenberg blocks even close to this. “Cover” block in Gutenberg I think doesn’t offer such features.

    Also would be nice to find out how was the “features” block made, titled “Services”, with list of features beginning with Icons.

    I have no idea if this was made purely with Gutenberg blocks, or if some additional plugin was used to generate those Twenty Nineteen theme prototypes. Any suggestions are welcomed.

    Have good evening everyone.

    1. No answer, yet? Ok, but I think I nailed that myself already.

      It needs a bit of Custom HTML to extend Gutenberg default features, but it works and I can use Twenty Nineteen the way I like.

      Hopefully there will be documentation from the authors how to customize Twenty Nineteen properly, but for the time being if anyone is interested, can check out my Test Page here:

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