Can’t change your WordPress admin email? Try this…

If you want to change your administrator email in WordPress then it won’t update until it’s been confirmed by an email sent to the current email address. If there’s an issue with it (email no longer exists or there’s an issue receiving emails for whatever reason) then how do you do it?

The email address is held on your site’s database but unless you know what you’re doing, this may not be something you’re either able or willing to do. Thankfully, there’s an easier way.

  1. First of all, navigate to you’re site’s main admin page (usually your site URL, along with /wp-admin.php at the end).
  2. Now add the following to the end of the URL… options.php. So, for my site, it would be
    This is a hidden screen which lists the options on the database and, better still, allows you to change them.
  3. Look for admin_email
  4. To the right of this should be a field containing your current administrator email. Correct this to your new one*
  5. Now search for a setting named new_admin_email. If this exists, make sure it’s also set to the same email as the one you specified in step 4.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen (it can be long!) and press the “Save Changes” button.

And that’s it – the admin email has now been updated.

*If you’re interested the following is an explanation of what points 3 and 4 are about…

In the database your administrator email is stored as admin_email. However, if you request a change, the new one is stored in new_admin_email until it’s confirmed – only then is it copied to admin_email. So, if both of these don’t match up, your site will think the change is unconfirmed and constantly remind you of that, even if the admin email is now correct.
Alternatively, you can cancel the change by going to Settings -> General -> Administration Email Address and then clicking in the “Cancel” button under the message which says that a change is pending.

Thanks to Jos Klever Web Support for reminding me about this.

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