CSS compression script: now open source

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Back in 2008 I released an online tool (which was a simple page on this site) for CSS compression. You pasted in your CSS, pressed a button and it compressed it.

However, I never really did much else with it – either improving what it did and what functions it provided, but also promoting it.

Now, I’ve taken the original compression script and open sourced it for everyone to copy, fork, or just generally use.

Now renamed CSSquish, it is available on Github, and I’ve already made some initial improvements but much more are to come.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know via the Issues or Discussions options.

The plan with this is for the following…

  1. Hone this script to do the best CSS compression
    • I’m not bothered about speed as this is not intended for on-the-fly compression
    • It should’t break the CSS script
    • It should compress as much as possible
    • As few settings as possible (right now, there are none)
  2. Create a stand-alone site that will use this script for online compression
  3. Consider a WordPress plugin to make use of it

Right now, I don’t know whether I’ll pursue 2 or 3 first.

Talk to me!

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