Embedding Threads in WordPress is now a plugin!

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After releasing a Gist yesterday, which provided code to add Threads embeds into WordPress, I decided to make something easier for people to implement.

Although I still have no plans for it to go into the plugin directory (mainly because as soon as an API is introduced, you’ll find this baked into core or, at the very least, Jetpack), I thought a friendly solution was needed.

So, head over to my Github repo, download the latest Zip and upload it to your favourite WordPress site. Activate and enjoy the job of Threads embedding…

Error: Threads URL format not recognised.

One thing that is different from the Gist is that I haven’t included support for shortcodes (and is also the reason why, although named the same, they have different revision numbers), which was only in the Gist because that’s what the code first used, so I kept it for backwards compatibility. If you think I need this in the plugin, please let me know.

Update: I had a change of heart and decided to submit it to the wordpress.org directory. However, with a wait time of over 60 days right now, it’s likely the need for the plugin will be gone by then (assuming it’s not behind in the queue by a dozen other plugins doing the same thing).

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