I’m a big fan of spoken word Podcasts, for learning and for comedy, and the following are my personal favourites. I use Pocket Casts for playback, running at 1.1x speed and with silence removed.

PC Pro – every 2 weeks, this is a live recording of IT news being discussed along with the “hot hardware of the week”. You can listen live, and contribute, via Mixlr, and I’m a regularly commenter.

More or Less – quite possibly my favourite podcast, this deals with the statistics in the news and in life, questioning whether they’re correct.

50 Things That Made The Modern Economy – each is a short story about a person or product. Narrated by Tim Hartford, who’s behind the More or Less Podcast and is a great story-teller, each one is fascinating and well worth learning about.

No Such Thing as a Fish – from the “Elves” that write all the fact for the QI TV programme, this is a weekly, comedic dose of facts and trivia.

The Infinite Monkey Cage – a great science programme, but a little “high brow” for me at times, with many discussions going way over my head. A mixed panel each week of scientists and comedians makes it very lively and interesting.

Friday Night Comedy – from BBC Radio 4, this is their Friday 6:30pm comedy, usually The News Quiz, Dead Ringers or The Now Show, all of which are excellent satire.

David Baddiel Tries to Understand – short, comic, but informative investigations into everyday items, from electricity to Kim Kardashian.