📣 Speaking

I have a passion for sharing my knowledge and experience, and often do so at conferences and internal company meetups.

Here I’ll share my past and upcoming speaking engagements, along with links to where you can find out more about each.

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

Cancelled Events

Thanks to COVID-19, some events, at which I was supposed to speak, were cancelled.

WordCamp Bucharest 2020 – Remote working: How to make it work for you.

WordCamp Plovdiv 2020 – It’s David, not Dave. Why using a name correctly is more important than you may think.

Past Events

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Everything you ever wanted to know about WordPress Transients. In 10 minutes.

🌍WordCamp Europe 2020
📅 5th June, 2020
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WordPress has a native database caching system called the Transients API. This simple wrapper can be used for caching database queries, remote data, or other expensive routines.

In this technical talk you will discover how to best use the API and the pitfalls to avoid (content which is neither documented nor generally available, so this will be a genuine eye-opener for developers).

Remote working: How to make it work for you

🌍WordCamp Glasgow 2020
📅 8th February, 2020
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Many WordCamp attendees are remote employees. Most will tell you how great remote working is and that it works incredibly well for a lot of businesses. But let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone. 

While several large companies have tried it and failed, in this talk, we’ll reveal what often gets forgotten: what a business needs to do to make it work. Further, how individuals can decide if remote work really is the future of working for them.

Talking support: small discoveries from a long career providing customer support

🌍WordCamp London 2019
📅 5th – 7th April, 2019

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Backup speaker (talk never delivered)

With nearly 30 years of experience working within support, I’ll share a number of simple discoveries that I’ve made about how it can be improved – from taking time to make sure you get a customer’s name correct to ensuring you use more inclusive language.

How I became a core contributor and an expert on WordPress transients – A Developer’s Story

🌍WordCamp Edinburgh 2018
📅 17th November, 2018
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A technical talk about WordPress transients – how to best use them and the pitfalls to avoid. Includes content which is not documented this will be a genuine eye-opener for developers.

Told, via a number of stories, about how the speaker got involved in the subject and ended up contributing to core as a result, this will also appeal to anyone wanting to get more involved with the WordPress community.