Managing home workers? Here’s how to do it well…

This is a long read article: Approximate time to read is 15-20 minutes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that many people work and, for some, it may never be the way that it once was.

Twitter just told employees they can work from home permanently

Business Insider

How ready is Twitter and other companies moving towards home working? Even if the employees are willing, how well are companies prepared to embrace this change?

Remote working requires changes to how you manage people. And it can benefit everyone.

In this article we’ll explore the changes that any business will need to make for this to work, from hiring people to managing them day-to-day. You’ll learn how effective remote working can be compared to working in an office and simple techniques that you can use to improve both environments.

Customer Service Life

The day I nearly went Cuckoo

If I get a decent price and a matching service, I’m usually pretty loyal to companies – I’m not the kind of person who moves to save a couple of pounds.

And after many years, I’ve been looking to move ISP. Indeed, I nearly did but then it all went badly… except for the service I got from the ISP I planned to move to.


Add Twitter threads to your WordPress post

We can already quickly and easily embed Tweets in WordPress posts, but wouldn’t it be great to add entire threads too? Well, you can. All you need is the block editor and version 8.7, or greater, of Jetpack.

Cars Life

Ford Puma – Early Thoughts

I’ve had my brand-new Puma for just 6 days now, so it’s time for me to spill my initial thoughts on ownership. The good, bad and ugly.

Okay, nothing ugly. If I’d bought a car with that level of issues, I clearly hadn’t done my homework first…

Automattic Development Life WordPress

Minding my language: trying to make WordPress more inclusive

With everything going in the world right now our use of language has come into sharper focus. Words matter.

And as a contributor to WordPress, a platform that runs over 35% of the internet, I’ve been turning my eye towards the language it uses. On screens and in code.

Development WordCamp WordPress

My WordCamp Europe Talk

Everything you ever wanted to know about WordPress transients: in 10 minutes

WordPress has a native database caching system called the Transients API. This simple wrapper can be used for caching database queries, remote data, or other expensive routines.

In this technical talk you will discover how to best use the API and the pitfalls to avoid (content which is neither documented nor generally available, so this will be a genuine eye-opener for developers).