Customer Service

Why is changing your email address so tricky for some websites?

It usually doesn’t happen very often but sometimes we need to change our email address. Whether it’s a change of name, circumstance or, for varied reason, have lost access to our original email, it can happen. It could be for personal safety reasons.

I’ve just done this and switching email was painless. However, letting every website that you’ve registered with know about it, isn’t. Technically, it should be – you can change your email, right? In most cases, yes. In some cases no, but there’s a solution. But for a few sites – including large UK retailers – it’s a big “no”. It’s a security risk (I’ll explain why in a bit) and they won’t given an explanation as to why they do it either.


What’s gone wrong with Apple’s leather iPhone case?

I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s official iPhone cases, specifically the saddle brown leather version. I’ve been buying them since the iPhone X, but the latest version, for the iPhone 12 has left me disappointed.

Here’s my case, after a year of use…

Do you spot anything unusual?

Health Life

An embarrassing look

I’ve been suffering from a bad shoulder since the beginning of the year (it turns out that I have a frozen shoulder) and, yesterday, I had my first physiotherapy session for it. Because of the ongoing pandemic it was via video call.

However, I should have maybe chosen a different room other than my home office to do it.


Shit my neighbours have complained about

That’s it. I’m going to keep quiet no longer and I’m finally going to write about… the shit my neighbours have complained about.

For context, there are 3 neighbours in this discussion, which I’m going to give nicknames…


Unsurprisingly, they live opposite us. They’ve been really good since we moved here around 10 years ago. We take in parcels for each other and have had a cordial relationship.


Their house is attached to ours. She hates cats and have told us as much. We have 2 cats.


They’re on the other side of Attached but their house is not attached.

A parcel courier told me that they’ve told them to never ask to look after a neighbour’s parcels because they’ll always refuse.

In all 3 cases the neighbours are a lot older than us and I would say for certainty are all retired. Maybe having that amount of time on your hands has something to do with this.

Health Life

The one thing you need to know about diets

I wrote some time ago about the fact that I’d been on a diet. I lost a crazy (but not unhealthy) amount of weight and been steady around a specific weight now for over a year.

Whilst reading about a co-worker asking about diets, I stopped myself from replying to them – the thing is, one post aside, I haven’t spoken much about my weight loss, and this come back to why I didn’t reply to my co-worker. Simply put, diets are an incredibly personal choice.