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Cleaning a PlayStation 4 Pro: From noisy to whisper quiet

When I lost my driving license, I bought myself a PlayStation 2. When I reached 40, I bought a PlayStation 3. And, so, another event prompted another upgrade – during the pandemic I upgraded my PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 4 Pro (no, I still can’t justify a PlayStation 5).

Bought, used, from CeX, it came “refurbished”. But I suspect that’s little more than a wipe over with a damp cloth and checking it turns on. As a result, it makes a sound like a jet aircraft taking off. It was time to sort it out!

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Putting the boot into Denver: the 2022 VIP DM

Yes, you read that correct – it’s the DM (DivisionMeetup) rather than a GM (Grand Meetup). Really, it’s just a rename. As Automattic gets larger the idea of getting everyone together in one place becomes less and less practical. VIP showed the way with their own GM but now as the idea of extending this further becomes a reality, making the name more representative is important.

That was the idea, based on something that Matt said, although on the first day of the DM, he then suggested that, due to its size, it’s really a GM. So this may be the only VIP DM that we have. Who knows?

But, that aside, this is the first all-VIP meetup since 2019. And we’re going to Denver, Colorado.


Why do Sainsbury’s hate mushrooms?

Seriously, they hate mushrooms.

I ordered 12 as part of an online order recently. 9 turned up. Each bagged separately – 6 in paper bags and 3 in plastic.

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Sleepless in Seattle: A Support Leads Meetup

Only my second work trip since the pandemic, and I was off to the US again – to Seattle for a Support Leeds meetup.

There was 8 of us in total, so it was a relatively small group and, is often the case when it’s this small, we made use of Airbnbs – a main “house” and a secondary one. I stayed in the secondary one.

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How do I check for broadband faults if I don’t have a landline phone number?

If you’re experiencing problems with your broadband, many of us will turn to online checking tools. Such tools are often provided by our ISPs to let us know if it’s a general fault our area or specific to our line. These tools are normally great – unless you don’t have a landline phone number to enter into the checker because you’re on a broadband-only connection.

So what do these customers do?