My new Oliver Frey portrait

Do you like the above portrait? It’s something I’m very proud of and am using as my gaming avatar.


Yes, I have a middle initial

I suspect few people know that I have a middle initial. Which is probably fair enough as I rarely use it. And like Michael J Fox, it doesn’t actually stand for anything.

So, what is it and why do I use it?

Life Opinion

Mazda 3 – 3 years later

Well, okay, not quite – it’s been 2.5 years. I got my Mazda 3 back in 2017, the latest model of the car.

It promised a lot and, next summer, it will going back to the dealership for the last time – either to be replaced or part-exchanged so that I can go elsewhere. How have the last (nearly) 3 years gone?


Why are car manufacturers starting to ignore safety?

I used to love the idea of one day owning a Tesla. But that’s changed. I’m looking at getting a VW Golf next year, but I may not be getting the new Mark 8 model.

Exactly why is due to both manufacturers (and they’re not alone) ignoring safety. Not just ignoring it but actively changing something about the car that was safe to now be otherwise.

What am I talking about? The dashboard. More specifically, removing physical buttons and switches and replacing them with a touch screen.


Boycotting Amazon? Why it's worth a second thought

My wife isn’t happy with Amazon. If it isn’t for their tax-avoiding tactics, it’s for how they treat their warehouse staff.

So, for a while now, she’s been boycotting them i, specifically because of their treatment of staff.

But, all this assumes the alternatives are better.

  1. well, except for buying books for her Kindle, using Amazon Alexa or watching Prime TV and films…[]