What is wrong with vegetarian and vegan food that looks like meat?

Recently, there was an outcry (well, from from some quarters) when Greggs introduced a vegan sausage roll. On all accounts it was a success with them regularly selling out and review saying that it was like the meat-based version. But a lot of people were unhappy. You see, some people believe that vegetarians and vegans […]

Are wish lists the true spirit of Christmas for the future?

[It is estimated] that $35 billion is being thrown away, around the world, in the form of poorly chosen Christmas gifts BBC’s 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy – Santa Claus, December 17th 2018 For a number of years now, I’ve asked people, buying me birthday and Christmas gifts, to use my Amazon wish […]

The 16 battery savings tips that manufacturers don’t want you to know about

Laptops, mobile phones and tablets never seem to last any length of time these days. I remember, not too long ago, when they lasted for weeks, with still charge to spare. But there are a number of things you can do to dramatically increase the battery life, whilst significantly impairing the ability of your device. […]

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