Gimme a Cookie

As the geek I am, I often hang around various technical forums. Usually those inhabited by your average Joe, seeking help, than the real tech-heads. Anyway, I’m often amazed at those people, at the point of paranoia, desperately trying to get rid of cookies from their browsing, as if they’re incredibly unsafe and causing major […]

Blog gone

No Blog yesterday and not much today. Too tired and too stressed. I did write one just now, having a moan at stupid Flash websites and, visiting the Flash home page for research, it managed to lock up my browser and I lost it all. Which made my point really.

5 Bloody Hours

…I sat at the dealers. Waiting. For the car to be on the ramp 20 minutes. The result… nothing. They hooked the car up to their computer and couldn’t find a problem. No shit Sherlock. Of course they couldn’t – it’s running fine now. I just want it to start more reliably.

..And It's Gone

I only realised today that maybe describing the weekend as “looming” was a bit negative. In fact I meant the opposite – and it’s Monday, which is very, very depressing. I got a little tipsy Friday night, played a lot of Lego Star Wars and Liberty City Stories. Then Luis broke out a Megadrive that […]

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