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Tips on reducing distractions from Slack

Since becoming a Lead at WordPress VIP, Slack has become even more a distraction.

Based on feedback from fellows Leads, tips I read on LinkedIn and things I’ve simply just tried myself, I’ve got these down to a point where I’m happy. And I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt.

One thing we have to consider is which notifications we actually want. After all, as a Lead in a fully remote company, if a member of my team needs for something urgent, that’s the primary way for them to reach me.

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How to quickly and easily save money on your home energy bills

With the price of gas going through the proverbial roof, I’ve put together some advice on how to save money.

And, first of all, let’s look at some general advice about boilers, as heating is where people are finding the biggest hit on their pocket right now…

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Customer tickets: how not to sign-off your replies

If you’re working in customer service, how you interact with the customer is critical from tone to the words you choose. One area often forgotten about is how to sign off your replies back to the customer.

This is particularly pertinent if a customer ticket is likely to not be worked on agnostically (i.e. the same person is going to respond more than once).

To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s an example of how a conversation in a ticket might go…

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To, Cc and Bcc: what’s the difference when sending an email?

Whenever you send an email there are 3 fields available to you to specify who you want the email to go to – To, Cc and Bcc. But what are the differences and when should you use them?

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Ford Puma: How to reduce DAB interference from rear dashcams

If you have a rear dashcam fitted to your Ford car then they seem prone, particularly on the new Puma’s, to causing interference with the DAB reception. In the case of the Puma, this is because of the location of the DAB antenna.

I had my dashcam fitted by Halfords who did a great job but the interference was terrible, making digital radio pretty much unusable. I took it back a couple of times and, each time, they got it a little better. But I was still unhappy so took things into my own hands and did some experimenting. As a result I’ve got it better still – not perfect, but better.