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To, Cc and Bcc: what’s the difference when sending an email?

Whenever you send an email there are 3 fields available to you to specify who you want the email to go to – To, Cc and Bcc. But what are the differences and when should you use them?

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Ford Puma: How to reduce DAB interference from rear dashcams

If you have a rear dashcam fitted to your Ford car then they seem prone, particularly on the new Puma’s, to causing interference with the DAB reception. In the case of the Puma, this is because of the location of the DAB antenna.

I had my dashcam fitted by Halfords who did a great job but the interference was terrible, making digital radio pretty much unusable. I took it back a couple of times and, each time, they got it a little better. But I was still unhappy so took things into my own hands and did some experimenting. As a result I’ve got it better still – not perfect, but better.

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The trials of a new(ish) MacBook Air

At the grand age of 7 years, my original MacBook Pro has died. Kind of. My wife enheritated it a few years ago but it’s got to the point where the constant crashes make it a problem to use (particularly when my wife is working from home and relying on it for remote teaching). In that time it’s been through 3 batteries, 2 MagSafe chargers and 2 SSDs.

The SSD failure occurred only just recently and required a full rebuild, yet the crashes that were being experienced before this continued. I think the software has been pretty much ruled out and I suspect it is hardware related. Anyway, it was time to get my wife something else.

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A tip for holiday deliveries

This Christmas/holiday, with families in lockdown, ordering online seems to be the way to go. Or, at best, buy on the high street and then post.

But how do you get presents to people without them opening them in advance? Let me share what my family are doing and, I have to say (particularly as it wasn’t my idea), it’s ingenous, yet simple.

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Recipe: Make your own healthy baked beans

This is a first on my blog – a recipe! In this case, it’s a recipe for a healthy version of baked beans.

If you’re a WW member, then my recipe is usually about 1 point her portion, depending on the ingredients you use.

This is a modified version of a WW member provided receipt, where I’ve replaced a product that can only be purchased directly from WW, by an every-day supermarket item.