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“So what are you doing with your weekend”, I hear you cry? Aside from punctuating things badly (see my previous post, and I notice the witch-queen Lynne Truss has launched a website asking for people to send examples of bad grammar), I’m off to a wedding tomorrow.

I seem to have got to a point in life where I either don’t want to drink at all or need to drink in excess. Anything less just leaves me with a headache. And as I don’t know many people at the wedding, and are getting a lift from my parents-in-law-to-be, then I’m going the non-drinking route. So that means I won’t be dancing either (I have to be drunk to dance). At least I get a free meal out of it and ideas for my own wedding ;o)

Not really V&J (if you’re reading this) – but, let’s be honest, a room full of people you don’t know and you’re stone-cold sober isn’t the most fun ways to spend an evening. Maybe they’ll surprise me.

Anyway, their wedding has reminded me of something. When I created a website for my own wedding, I referred to it as “David and Jens” wedding. I knew someone would comment on the order of the names and I wasn’t wrong. Jen doesn’t have an issue with it – to me I did it because it’s alphabetical and seems to “flow” better that way round. I don’t know if there’s a standard way of ordering names, but it usually seems to be alphabetical.

Of course, all my arguing leads to nothing because they simply refer to the aforementioned wedding of “Vikki and Jon”. You can’t win.

Anyway, I’ve booked work off on Monday because I desperately need some sleep and general rest (the only holiday I’ve had in months was a week with the family, with 9 children. And that’s not a rest in anyones book). Now, what to do…. I’ll certainly Blog and let you know how the wedding goes. Fingers crossed!

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