Viva Mexico Stage Manager – Final Day

Yes, it’s all over. Saturday – 2 shows – has come and gone. The matinee, when I had my parents and various (or to be more precise, 8) members of my girlfriends family there, when fantastically. The evening wasn’t so good, but by then I was ready to drop.

When the show finished, presents were given out (I was given 2 bottles of wine) and we dismantled the set.

Then we went off to one of the members house for a party. My head is still a little groggy, but not as bad as it’s been before.

All-in-all, a damn fine week and I really enjoyed my time as stage manager. Will I do it again? Dunno – I want to be on the stage to be honest. But if there’s a show I don’t want to do and they’re stuck again, my hat will be going into the ring once more.

Update (02/11/06) : The societies chairman has sent me a letter thanking me for the work I did, and has already put my name down as Stage Manager for the next show.


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