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My daughter, living up to her wish to be an artist when she gets older (probably illustrating books, she says), has been making her own pumpkin designs. Naturally, I’m very proud.

A few kids came round last night “Trick of Treat”ing – all of them were young, very cute, and very good about it all. And no eggs on my windows.

Thanks to my girlfriend, they all got sweeties to take away with them (normally I just turn a hose-pipe on them. Just kidding. I normally just don’t answer the door).

Meantime, we had to take the cat to the vets after she threw up about half a dozen times. A pointless injection later (the reason for which was never explained to us) and we were given no reason why it happened, but a hefty bill. Oh, and sachets of some food she should eat – it looked like the stuff she’d thrown up so she wasn’t keen.

So, all in all, a fun night.