I can't stand cakes

Now, you wouldn’t think a cake stand would be such an issue, would you? They generally cost about £20 to hire (with anything up to £75 refundable deposit) – the issue is getting them back. So we’ve tasked the brides mother to try and sort that one out – at least the place of hire will then be close to the venue and therefore easier to return. Hmmm.

We’ve decided on an order of service and I’ve even knocked up a design for one. We just need to confirm the final details with the minster.

Speaking of whom, we’ve spoken to the minster and arranged a rehearsal, plus various “meetings” we have to attend. It means a number of weekends of driving to Hull and back (wasn’t that a song by The Darkness?) for a couple of hours.

Ooo, and did I say we had a meeting at Christmas to organise the choir and the songs they’ll sing? No, well I have now. What they’ll be is… a surprise. But who’d have thought they knew the works of The Prodigy?


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