The New Highway Code

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I’d like to take this opportunity to make a plea. To drivers. First of all an extract from the Highway Code.

Driving on the motorway – Rule 259

When you join the motorway you will normally approach it from a road on the left (a slip road) or from an adjoining motorway. You should

  • give priority to traffic already on the motorway
  • check the traffic on the motorway and match your speed to fit safely into the traffic flow in the left-hand lane

Now, I assume the same applies to slip roads onto other roads, such as A roads.

What the Highway Code DOESN’T say is

  • Drive up the slip road, with your indicator on, until you get to the end.
  • Join the main carriageway, whether clear or not. You have priority so other drivers must move out of your way

End of todays lesson.

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