Ahhh, memories

On the subject of downloaded music, I was looking for a copy of the current Doctor Who theme (not that I can find it!) on a (legit) download site, when I came across an album I used to own – Star Wars and other themes by Geoff Love. I was young but, hey, the memories came flooding back. Although not enough to make me stump up £8 for it (mumble, mumble).

That made me remember another album I used to love… Music Time (a rather old Children’s TV show). I found a cover for it but, unfortunately, it would appear to not be available in any format other than to try and find the original vinyl album on eBay.

Ahhh, the power of the internet.

Unfortunately, other powers means that I’m unable to find a copy of the Doctor Who music (without resorting to eMule!). You’d have thought BBC would be trying to milk it for all they could…

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