Google logic

I use Googles Adsense for some of my websites to generate a little revenue. For reasons that are now lost on me, I signed up with a non-Google email address. I then tried to use my Google account later only for it to turned down because, well, I already had an Adsense account. All very true.

Now, Google are desperately trying to get Adsense users to sign in with a Google email address. Fine, they even get you a nice wizard to transfer it over. Except it won’t let me as my Google Mail account is associated with a turned down Adsense account. Which it is.

And I’ve sent various mails to Google asking them how I can get around this. Their only solution is for me to set up ANOTHER Google mail account. Which I don’t want to do. And I know that, given time, they’ll force me into using Google mail for Adsense.

How can they not disassociate my account with my previous Adsense attempt? They’re Google. It’s their software. How can that be difficult?

I love Google but sometimes…


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