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I was in York last week with my wife and her sister (and my daughter, but she’s not relevant to this particular story). They were shopping at the Cath Kidston store there.

Now, personally, I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than have anything to do with their particular brand of flowery, old-fashioned, chintz, but they (the aforementioned wife and sister-in-law) love it. And my sis-in-law bought a red flowery weekend bag (which my wife already has) for the knock-down, bargain price of £40 (I’d put a picture of it in this blog entry but I can’t find it on the companies site. Plus I’ve just eaten). However, when she got it back to our holiday cottage (which was not exactly nearby) she found a fine but deep but all the way along one side of the bag.

So, they rang the store… you’re probably now expecting one of my woeful tales of bad customer experience but…. and they’re going to send a replacement out. Free. Without wanting the old one back.

I guess the kind of people who buy Cath Kidston aren’t people trying a con, so are quite happy to accept the word of the casual customer. And how refreshing it is.

Well done Cath Kidston in York.