A lesson for us all!

As I’m sure you remember, my modem/router failed the other week. On top of that I managed to blow out an extension lead. Both of which ended, unceremoniously in the bin in what I like to call “the computer room” (but is otherwise known as “the little bedroom”). In fact, I managed to break in the bin, so I had to get a new one.

Now, this is deviating from the story a bit, but how hard is it to buy a standard plastic waste bin? All Tesco, Asda, et al, wanted to give me was faux-leatherette versions and the such. Anyway, in the end I got an over-sized bathroom bin which works just fine. But I digest…

My wife, who normally is the only one organised to remember to empty the various bins around the house into the wheelie bin before it gets collected, duly emptied the previous bin, full of equipment. Fair enough.

Now, last weekend (also blogged about) I went to my in-laws and helped “fix” their computer. Before I went I carefully went through my various boxes of spare parts, cables, and the like, and made up one box full of the stuff I needed. The rest I put into a large paper bag that I had knocking about. This I left on the floor. In the corner of the room. Near to where the bin used to be (this is before the other day when I got my new one).

Today I went to sort this bag out and found it… missing. I ask my wife where it was. Yep. You’ve got it in one. It went in the wheelie bin earlier in the week. The wheelie bin that was emptied this morning. Every-single-spare-part-cable-and-bolt that I possess. Including all the spare SATA cables (preventing me from ever putting the various parts of a potential second computer together, let alone put my current PC back in its original case if I ever have to send it back), etc. I could cry. But it’s not her fault. Or mine come to think of it. Lessons learnt all around I guess. Spilt milk, etc.

And it’s only Saturday….


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