Crashing around my ears

I’m struggling with a Foxmarks problem – I’ve become pretty dependant on this useful utility synchronising my Firefox bookmarks. After sorting out an initial problem it’s now working until the point that I add a new bookmark. Then I get a bizarre error… i

[2008-09-29 17:42:43] Exception in AcceptNodes: Error: Places error calling function untagURI() {
[native code]
} with args [{}, [""]] Original error: [Exception... "'Illegal value' when calling method: [nsITaggingService::untagURI]"  nsresult: "0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE)"  location: "JS frame :: chrome://foxmarks/content/foxmarks-places.js :: Call :: line 100"  data: no]
[2008-09-29 17:42:43] Returned error: Synchronization error(3)
[2008-09-29 17:42:43] Will retry at Mon Sep 29 2008 18:12:56 GMT+0100 (GMT Standard Time)

Weird. Anyway, I’ve emailed Foxmarks now – I hope this gets sorted out.

But, hey, as much as that made me tear my hair out last night, that’s nothing to the feeling of loss when I woke up to find my internet access missing! I’ve a red light on my modem against “Internet” (but a green against “ADSL”). I’ve rang my ISP and they’ve run some tests – it’s either the modem or a BT line fault. They want to check the former before logging a fault with BT and I’m work now. So it’s an evening job… all without my internet access. How will I cope :p

  1. bizarre in that I can’t find anyone else who’s had it[]


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