I'm Twittering

For those who haven’t come across Twitter but know of Facebook, it’s like everything stripped off of Facebook, just leaving the status function. Basically, you leave a sentence about what you’re up to and friends, relatives, whoever can view it.

What’s interesting about Twitter is the level of integration that’s available. For example, the TwitterBar is a Firefox add-on that lets you update your Twitter status from the Firefox address bar. Or – and this is great for sheer laziness – the Facebook application that will update your Facebook status from Twitter!

Anyway, I’m a recent convert and you’ll notice that the top of this blog now has my Twitter status (it’s the line of text on the right under the top menu) – I found out how to do that from another blog.

I’m sure the love affair won’t last and my use of it will fade into obscurity. But then again, you never know.


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