So, how it Chrome doing?

I thought I’d check out my site stats to see how Google Chrome is doing (now that I know Google Analytics can track it separately) since it was launched on the 2nd.

The least techy of my sites is BMTG, which garners just 1.67% of users from Chrome. Next up, Copy+ is 3.55%. This site is 5.66%. Not fantastic, but not too shoddy.

Other things that came out in this that Firefox is the most popular browser for this site (it’s IE on the others), Chrome usually has similar percentages to Safari (considering Safari is available on both Windows and Mac, I guess that doesn’t look too good for Safari). Opera is usually languishing in 5th place.

So, Chrome isn’t doing too badly, considering it’s shortcomings. But it is fast and simple, which is what many people want. Having said that, the more tech the site is the more visitors appear to use it. Which in my mind doesn’t go – Chrome is a very un-tech browser.

I guess you just have to be geeky to try something else out and not stick with what you know – many of the visitors were probably doing what I did last week and was just giving the browser a test drive. Time will tell – I’ll try the same again in a few months and see if those percentages remain.


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  1. Why do you think that chrome is a very un-tech browser?

    1. I don’t think the browser is lacking tech, but I certainly think that “techies” are likely to stick to Firefox for the time being, because of the add-on capabilities. Having said, the average non-tech user is unlikely to want to move away from their current browser. I guess it’s more people somewhere in the middle that are likely to migrate to Chrome.

      Give me plugin capabilities and a way to migrate my TAGGED bookmarks to Chrome, and it’d be user too.

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