Bin and gone

Some time ago, probably a few years now, the company I worked for removed individual bins from under their desk and replaced them with recycling points dotted around the office. These consist of a series of bins where items can be separated – different bins for different areas, but usually, at least, a general bin for “miscellaneous” disposal. Even at the time this seemed a little odd because it might going out of your way each time you want to throw away an apple core, sheet of paper of paper cup i. Of course, there’s probably 2 reasons for these changes…

1. They have a third party contract for cleaning. I suspect not having to empty individual bins around the office saved them quite a bit of money
2. It’s environmentally sound

Which of these you think was the priority depends on how cynical you are I guess.

Anyway, I brought in my own bin for general waste. I provide my own bags and empty it myself. Recyclable materials I take to the appropriate bins. It remains environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost anything more for cleaning costs.

None-the-less I have been hassled by management ever since. Yesterday it happened again with a threat of confiscation ii so I’m taking it home. I’ve had enough. I’ll just pile my apple cores and yoghurt pots up on my desk. Nice. And one more hit against my work morale.

  1. and odder still as 2 of those 3 items they don’t recycle – not food waste, including tea bags, or paper cups[]
  2. how does this work if it’s your own property?[]


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