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Ah, barely into October and I’m discussing Christmas already. Well, if Tesco can set up an entire aisle of Christmas snacks then, yes, I can.

We went shopping tonight and because of the aforementioned aisle we’ve started our Christmas shop. Organised, yes, and damn useful. Every week we buy a couple of items we’d normally buy for Christmas – snacks, food items to go towards the Christmas meal, drinks, Christmas tree decorations, advent calendar, etc. And by trickle buying it we hardly notice it in the budget. Oh, and you avoid the last minute rush later on with a sense of self-satisfaction 1.

Having said all that, I can’t see the point of the Mince Pies which go out of date in November. Or the Cheese Footballs (a Christmas essential) that only last until the end of December. Some things have to be bought later.

But we did come back with some After Eights and an individual Christmas Pudding (my wife doesn’t like them).

  1. And smugness[]