Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross

I don’t normally take part in debates such as this but for once I’m going to break my own rule.

The issue over Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross making “lewd” phone calls to actor Andrew Sachs is, in my mind, being blown out of all kind of proportion. The main issue that the media is making out of this is that he was upset because Ross, on his answering machine, mentioned that Brand had slept with his granddaughter. A poll-dance loving girl, with a stage name of “Voluptua”, who is apparently a “Page Three wannabe“. What isn’t being disputed is whether she did or not – apparently she did sleep with him. So, a girl such as her, who I’m guessing has done all the shocking of her grandfather that’s probably possible, sleeps with Brand. Ross leaves it on Sachs’ answering machine, press goes wild. Yet, if the press found out about this do you think they’d splash it all across their paper? Of course they would. A newspaper that Sachs would probably end up reading.

Mr Sachs gave them his mobile number after he couldn’t appear on Brands show. He knew what kind of show it was and what kind of entertainer Brand is. The calls were then made in this style. Maybe they went too far and for that they’ve apologised.

By why is it exploding like it is? Why, in particular, is the media after them? Nothing to do with them being well paid celebrities and a lot of repressed jealousy, I’m sure.

Having said all that, if they’re sacked, and it’s looking likely, this might be good. The BBC is supposed to offer something different, something you couldn’t get on commercial radio and Radio 2, right now, is not fulfilling that. Sadly neither are people like Chris Moyles, whos show I dearly love but, I have to admit, is possibly wrong for the BBC.

In the meantime the media certainly won’t be happy (and, naturally, MP’s are happy to ride this wave to get “in the good books” of the papers) until Ross and Brand go.


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