Clampdown on excessive speeders

The government are to introduce new laws which would see “anti-social” speeders being given even more points on their licence.

Now, I wouldn’t have an issue with any of this if we saw similar measures being put in place for other types of dangerous driving. But we don’t. Around where I live, I NEVER see a traffic “cop”. You could pretty much drive how you want and the only way you’d get caught is by one of the many, many speed cameras. And the fact that local roads keep changing from 30 to 40mph speed limits and back again means that it’s very easy for this to happen.

I could chug a bottle of gin, drive without my glasses on and veer all over the road and go unchallenged (unless by another drive).

Shadow transport secretary Theresa Villiers said ministers needed to realise that if they wanted to get tough on the most anti-social drivers, they would not catch them with speed cameras.

Quite right. Once again, it’s a lot of bluster, making the speeding motorist appear to be the only dangerous drive there is.


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