Laura meets Luigi and Mario
Between the 30th October and the 1st November, Nottingham was host to GameCity3 – a series of video-game themed events happening around the city.

On the Saturday I was lucky enough to pay a visit to the Market Square – there was a large tent with more lego in it than you’d have imagined possible. There was also a stage where you could play Wii games on a large screen. Whilst we were there they were playing the new Guinness World Records game.

I say “we” because I was there with my daughter. And the reason for that was because Mario and Luigi were due to make an appearance to celebrate Luigi’s 25th birthday. The picture that you can see is the result!

She also got a chance to play on the video game stage – this was being videoed but I’ve not seen any results on the official website.

I’ve uploaded a number of photos to my shared Picasa web albums.


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