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I mentioned a good few months ago about how I know the daughter of the great (to me anyway) Stephen Furber.

Well, I was recently Stage Manager for a concert that his daughter, Catherine, was performing at. And on one the nights Professor Furber and the rest of his family came to watch the concert. Catherine, knowing that I’m a big fan of his, asked if I wanted to be introduced. Suddenly I became like a 5 year-old, or how many people get in front of TV celebrities, felt shy and turned down the invitation. After that I thought if it no more.

During the interval, I was passing through the foyer, when I noticed Catherine with her family. I tried to pass un-noticed, but Catherine saw me and dragged me into the huddle. Suddenly, and without any prior planning, I was introduced to the Professor. There was a limp shake of hands (on my behalf, I should add) and we both looked at the floor nervously like… well, two geeks (although one slightly more important than the other). At which point Catherine ushered me off, as the introduction blatantly wasn’t going well.

So, there we go, an opportunity to meet someone who, to me, if the equivalent of meeting David Beckham and I acted like some kind of retarted child.

After the event, I found his University email address and drafted an email apologising for the meeting and doing the little speech I should have done. But then realised it sounded like it was written by some kind of crazed child-fan. So I abandoned that.

If Professor Furber ever does read this… I apologise. There, I’ll leave it at that.